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We can provide the best treatments for you at Precision Periodontics & Dental Implants when we do OralDNA® testing. This service helps Dr. Ryan Mendro and Dr. Lucia Roca Mendro determine the kinds of bacteria in your mouth and the best course for treating your gum disease. Call our periodontists if you want to learn more about OralDNA testing in Winter Garden, Florida.

Though many types of oral bacteria contribute to gum disease, some contribute to more serious forms of gum disease and even tooth decay. For this reason, we offer OralDNA testing in order to determine if you have the bacteria that make you more susceptible to periodontitis. We recommend OralDNA testing for:

  • Patients with signs or symptoms of periodontal infection
  • Patients with pockets 4mm or greater
  • Patients who suffer from chronic gum disease
  • Patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • Patients with a history of cardiovascular disease
  • Patients who use tobacco products
  • Women of childbearing age

The process for testing is fairly simple. All you need to do is swish an oral rinse in your mouth for 30 seconds. We will then send this rinse to a lab for testing, after which they will send us the results. When we know the kinds of bacteria in your mouth, then we can offer the best types of treatments for you. Call our office today if you want to learn more about OralDNA testing.