Gum disease is a serious infection that can cause permanent damage in your mouth. For one, it can deteriorate the gum tissues that surround your tooth roots and prevent them from developing decay. It can also destroy your jawbone, making for a weaker jaw that cannot support implants if you have lost teeth. The combination of gum and bone loss also contributes to tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the No. 1 cause of tooth loss in adults.

Tooth loss can not only put gaps in your smile but it can also cause problems like:

  • Change in diet
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Loss of jawbone structure
  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • Changing facial appearance

Though there are several tooth replacement options available (such as the dental implants we offer at Precision Periodontics & Dental Implants), keeping your natural teeth is always the best option for your oral health.

Though gum disease primarily affects the mouth, studies show that this condition has been linked with several serious diseases throughout the body. It is commonly believed that this connection results from gum disease putting a lot of harmful bacteria in the bloodstream. Periodontal disease has been known to increase your risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Premature birth or low birth weight babies
  • Stroke
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes complications
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Respiratory infections
  • Kidney disease

You can reduce your risk for these harmful problems if you visit our periodontists for gum disease treatment in Winter Garden, Florida. Our team at Precision Periodontics & Dental Implants will make every effort to restore the health of your gum tissues.