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Did you know that sedation dentistry uses medications to allow treatments to be given safely and effectively? If a patient experiences deep levels of stress or anxiety, sedation can help them relax. Depending on the level of sedation used for a patient, our periodontists can alter the amount of consciousness they experience and if necessary, ensure they are completely unconscious for a treatment if required.

One form of sedation that we offer is called oral sedation. This sedation is given orally via pills. The medication dosage can be manipulated to achieve the level of sedation required for a procedure, whether it be to induce a slight case of drowsiness or put the patient asleep entirely.

Sedation dentistry can also use intravenous injections (IV sedation) to sedate the patient. Intravenous injections tend to work very quickly to relax the patient. With IV sedation, you will need to have a friend or family member drive you home after your procedure.

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