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When you visit your dentist’s office, you may be struck by how thorough your dental hygienist flosses your teeth. Do you aspire to floss like a boss? You can! Just follow these directions:

– Cut 18 inches of floss and wind the ends around each of your middle fingers.
– Hold the floss tightly between the thumbs and forefingers on each hand for a firm grip.
– Starting at the back, guide the floss into the crevice between your tooth and gumline.
– Move onto the next crevice and repeat this process, using a different section of floss. Utilize a gentle scraping motion along each side of the crevice, curving the floss into a C shape. Be particularly careful along the gumline.
– Lift the floss carefully out of the crevice.
– Continue this process with each tooth.

Perfecting the art of flossing takes practice, but soon you really will be flossing like a boss. Then all you have to do is keep up the habit and enjoy your clean and beautiful smile as well as help prevent gum disease and other dental problems.

If you have any questions on how to better floss, you can give Precision Periodontics & Dental Implants a ring at 407-378-0877. Our professional team would be happy to give you some in-person pointers on your flossing skills from our office in Orlando, FL. Come and visit us soon!