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Do you have a lot of excess gum tissue covering your smile? Come into Precision Periodontics & Dental Implants to have our team of dental professionals fix this issue to give you your best smile yet! Our dental professionals have the training needed to carefully sculpt along your gum line to expose your bright and dazzling smile. For more information on crown lengthening, read below!

When you come in for crown lengthening, it is a gum treatment that is helpful for aesthetic purposes but functionality. Sometimes your “gummy smile” can be bulky or cover your teeth too much when you have a regular length and shape of your teeth. This can result in a look you don’t want or pain when food jabs into the long tissue.

Within one visit, we can simply remove this excess gum tissue to reveal your tooth structure, giving you a better aesthetic appearance. This course of treatment may also be recommended for a cosmetic or restorative solution. This may be in case of a broken tooth that is close to gum line, or if there isn’t enough tooth structure left so a bridge or crown needs to be placed.

For your best smile, feel free to contact our Orlando, Florida, office for a consultation or to schedule an appointment today! Our clinic will be happy to help you, so give us a call at 407-378-0877.