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Do you have missing teeth that are affecting the development of your jawbone? Our team is dedicated in giving you the look and comfortability of a strong jawline. This is a common procedure after tooth loss where bone grafting is used to recreate the gums and jawbone. Read on for more information concerning this process of ridge augmentation.

We first look at the alveolar ridge of the jaw that is the bone that supports the roots of your teeth. It can deteriorate after the loss or removal of your teeth, affecting not only the structure of your jaw, but the look of your smile, how you eat, chew, and even speak. Bone loss makes it very difficult for dental implants to be placed, so our best recommendation is to have a ridge augmentation done. This will restore the width and height of the alveolar ridge.

Our periodontists fill in the indented area with bone grafting material, helping to rebuild the alveolar ridge of the jawbone. This gives it a more natural appearance and allows dental implants to be placed. This can be done after teeth are extracted or before you have dental implants placed so you don’t have to come in for a second appointment.

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