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When it comes to your smile, practicing consistent daily oral hygiene habits will help your gums maintain their health. And that’s important because if you struggle with gum disease, your gum tissue may eventually recede from your teeth, exposing more of a tooth than looks normal. Recession can also harm your teeth as the gum tissue wears down, exposing sensitive tooth roots. Without intervention, this can result in loss of the supportive bone material along with declining tooth’s root health.

Recession may leave you with tooth sensitivity whenever you consume hot or cold beverages or foods. Recession can also result in tooth loss as the bone material can’t support it. The good news is, gum recession doesn’t typically happen overnight and is usually gradual in its development. Attending routine dental visits combined with your daily oral hygiene routine can help spot problems early when they are most effectively treated.

Our practice is pleased to offer gum tissue grafting (or gingival grafting) to effectively address your gum recession. , effectively building up the tissue so your gums fit beautifully once again. We offer several methods of treatments for gum recession including traditional and alternative grafting including the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, or PST.  Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is an alternative to traditional soft tissue grafting and does not require the use of donor soft tissue or sutures and offers immediate results.

During your periodontal treatments, we offer several types of sedation to maximize your comfort. Our team’s goal is to help your gums to thrive so that your teeth can remain healthy and strong.  If you are having gum recession, we welcome you to call our team. Our skilled periodontists look forward to visiting with you and helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve!